What we do


Media + Strategic Public Relations

We help companies and non-profit organizations develop a communications plan. As part of that process, we identify opportunities to raise awareness consistent with your goals. Decision-makers choose TML Communications because we excel in providing a fresh perspective.

Community Engagement

We help corporations and institutions improve their relationship with the community. This includes finding partnership opportunities and obtaining community feedback about products and services when needed.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting

We help clients draft, review, and edit internal and external plans to achieve their DEI goals.

Crisis Communications

We help clients who are experiencing a crisis affecting their organization or brand. This service is an extension of our strategic public relations services.

Racial Equity Consulting

Institutions work with us to help them communicate more effectively on issues related to race. This includes messaging strategies, communication plans, video development, and production. We often work collaboratively with stakeholders to help clients achieve their goals.

Media Ad-Buys

We help clients develop and execute advertising campaigns to reach their target audience. This may include print, radio, digital, billboards, and television depending on the campaign and its focus, reach and target demographic.

Social Media Management

We develop content that is consistent with the campaign goals and use modern social media tools to measure engagement.


Content Creation

We develop advertisements for use on print, digital, social media, radio, and other platforms to help clients and brands reach their full potential.

Design + Implementation

We work with clients to identify their design needs and produce marketing and public relations materials consistent with their communication goals.


We offer clients the ability to Livestream their event directly to Facebook or YouTube. In addition, we can provide larger-scale production when needed.

Political Consulting + Advocacy

At TML Communications, we only work with brands and organizations we believe in. We develop policy ideas and advocate for important causes. We help make your issue the top of mind amongst the target audience and have significant experience with advocacy campaigns.

Event Management, Photography, and Videography

We help clients as needed with event planning, budgeting, and sourcing to create an event consistent with their marketing goals. We also provide professional photographers and videographers to capture your event for future marketing purposes.

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